Friday, July 30, 2010

So Far So Good

In my previous post I told you about my spooky encounter with a 4.5 year old who may or may not have seen catastrophic events in my future.  It's been a week and this is what I've got:

1.  The day he skeptically wished me good luck (Friday?) I waited in vain for a bus to take me to the train station before the train actually came and went.  This caused me to have to hang around for an extra hour and a half for the next train.

2.  That Saturday, I realized at about 9 pm the night before participating in a triathlon that I was getting a cold and not suffering from allergies as I'd previously thought (hoped).

3.  The triathlon was rough.  See # 2. 

4.  For my last week of teaching this summer I was blessed with not just a cold but also a...blemish...on the side of the bridge of my nose slightly above where my glasses rest.  Not only was it unsightly but every time I pushed my glasses back up the nose pieces hit it and basically sent an electrical jolt of pain throughout my entire body.  I don't know how the bridge of my nose is connected to the rest of my body but it is.  Perhaps it went into my brain and each time I hit it whith my glasses I actually gave myself a mini lobotomy.  I'm not ruling it out.

5.  Huppy came home from work early yesterday.  It seems she's coming down with a cold.  So, yeah.

Hopefully you're reading this list and thinking that this isn't so bad because it isn't.  I could have made a list twice as long of stuff that went my way this week.  So I think it's safe to say Dr. Doom Lite was just trying to freak me out.  I hope he put that on his list of things that went his way this week.

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