Saturday, May 1, 2010

Odds and Ends

These things don't really go together so I'm just throwing them all into one post.

I was waiting for the bus the other day (to take me to the subway which takes me to the train which gets me to the car which swallows the bird that swallowed the spider that ate the fly...) when I heard this repetitive clinking sound. I couldn't figure out why this sound bugged me so much but it did. It wasn't loud or anything but it was really sort of creeping me out. There was only one other person at the bus stop and his back was to me but it seemed like it was coming from his general vicinity. So there I am standing on the curb squinting around trying to solve this mystery when I finally identified the sound. Usually I feel better when I figure something out but this was not the case here. My epiphany was this: the dude was clipping his fingernails. On the street. Wating for a bus. I'm not talking about a little I-just-snagged-the-nail-on-a-zipper type maintainance, I'm talking a full-on Just-look-at-these-claws-I-really-need-a-mani sort of nail clipping session. Am I the only one who is creeped out by this? Like, really creeped out. Intellectually I know that I shouldn't be, but still.
Obviously, I took a picture.

And another thing:  what is up with people who fill up their soda at the self-serve soda thingy and then take a couple of sips before walking away.  Or worse, take a couple of sips, replace those sips with more soda, and then walk away.  I'm generally a patient person, I think.  Maybe not, I don't know.  Whenever this happens and I'm waiting for my turn to fill my cup I have thise urge to just smack them in the back of their head.  Not so that it hurts, just so that they get a noseful of soda.

Next I have a couple of pictures to share with you. The first one I took a couple of weeks ago in New Orleans. This is on a door in an elementary school lunchroom. I thought it was cool that the President was being used as an example of good table manners (vs Elmo or a sports figure, etc).

The second picture is old but it cracks me up.  Last summer I was at home and I heard a thud from the living room.  I didn't feel inclined to investigate because I have three cats who range in size from 15 to 19 pounds.  Cats of that size make frequent thuds.  Anyway, the next time I went into the living room I learned two things:
1.  Someone had knocked over the fan.
2.  Dennis does impressions.
This, obviously, is his knocked over fan impression.

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