Monday, July 4, 2011

Leaving My Mark

This morning Huppy and I ran a 10K that started and ended at Gillette Stadium.  For my non-local friends, this is the place where the professional football team the New England Patriots plays.  Actually, I guess I should say this is the place where the major league soccer team the New England Revolution plays because that's who uses the place in July.  Anyway, it was very warm.  VERY warm.  I did not finish in a time faster than my first 10K in February which was disappointing.  But that's OK because it was really, really warm.  Did I mention the heat yet?  It was hot out.

Anyway, after finishing up we decided we needed food and drink.  Gillette has a big shopping complex attached to it and we decided to stay there since we were disgustingly sweaty but there we were among thousands of disgustingly sweaty people milling around.  

So, we squelched into the Olive Garden.  (Side note:  I actually ate some salad).  While we were eating, I joked about how I hoped we didn't leave sweaty butt prints on the booth when we left because that would be a super gross thing to do.  The booth seats were vinyl, though, so when we left after our meal no visible butt sweat was seen.  

Unfortunately, the seat backs at this Olive Garden are cloth.  Yup, when we got up there were big wet marks from our backs.  For the record, the mark I left was bigger which I think makes me the grosser of the two of us.  

So, I'd like to apologize to the Olive Garden at Patriot Place and whoever was seated at that booth after us.  I am usually much, much better at keeping my bodily fluid expulsion restricted to the appropriate times and places.

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