Monday, February 28, 2011

Maia Don't Be A Hero

Last November I decided to sign up for a half marathon.  I have two motivations for doing so:

1.  I wanted a fitness goal that I had a decent chance of not achieving without putting in a lot of work.  This is because in the last few years I've discovered that I can pretty much do very little training and still improve my times for the sprint triathlons I have been doing.  Make no mistake - I am not bragging here.  My triathlon times are extremely slow, they're just slightly less slow than they were before.  I have honestly been passed by people who are walking when I am running.  So, I figured I'd work on running because I suck at it the most.

2.  I exercise:  I take taekwondo, I work out once a week with a trainer, and I go to the gym.  I also try to watch what I eat.  I log what I eat and my trainer and a dietician at the local hospital have both come to the conclusion that my biggest problem is that I don't eat enough most of the time.  Nevertheless, I have gained weight steadily for the last several years.  Thus, I decided to try to literally run my ass off.

So far, running is working.  I am able to run a lot farther than when I started and I've lost almost 25 pounds since November.  There's plenty left to go but Huppy (she's trying to run her ass off too) and I decided that when we both had lost 20 pounds we'd book massages at a local spa.  Sadly, we both hit that benchmark in early February which meant every masseuse with a job was booked solid for a week on either side of Valentine's Day.

Today was the day!  Recall one of my previous trips to the spa involved a masseuse that accidentally cut the fromage while she was working on me.  Nothing like that happened this time, thankfully.  What did happen, though, was this:

My advice to you, Gentle Reader, is that when they tell you to let them know if the stones under your back are too warm and they are you should really just say something.  I can confirm that they do not have a special medal that they give out to those of us who are so very tough that we would rather get first degree burns than speak up.  But if there was a medal, I'd totally have gotten it.

On the upside, it looks kind of like a bunny.  Easter is just around the corner.


  1. Definitely a bunny! But it needs a face. Perhaps Huppy could draw one on for you. In permanent marker.

    And will you wear one of those very tiny shirts and low-slung pants to show it off?

  2. The very same thing happened to Sarah (incidentally, she had rewarded herself with a massage after doing a sprint triathlon). I don't think hers formed a funny bunny tattoo. I think I would have noticed that. How long did your unwanted tattoo last?