Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Couch That Bites

The last post was boring and preachy, I know.  Here's a quick story.

My laptop cord is typically plugged into the wall behind the couch in the room with the big TV.  God forbid I have to watch TV without the ability to look people up on  Anyway, I just returned from ten days in sunny (rainy, actually) Iowa so obviously I'd brought the laptop and cord with me.  When I went to plug the cord back into its usual outlet yesterday the following occurred:

1.  Plug in hand I kneel on the couch and stick my arm between the wall and couch to insert plug into outlet.
2.  It's too frickin' dark back there so I randomly try to stick the prongs in to various places in the wall.
3.  I wise up and use my fingers to palpate where the outlet is.
4.  It still takes a bunch of tries but the cord is finally plugged in.  The lights in the room flicker a little but that, my friends, is a problem for another day.
5.  I rise up to remove my arm and start charging my laptop.
6.  Everything but the arm moves.
7.  I pivot my body a bit and try again to remove my arm from behind the couch while pulling the back of the couch away from the wall.
8. - 15.  See #7
16.  I start thinking about those Chinese Finger Cuffs and how the more I struggle the worse it's getting.
17.  I look at the clock and think seriously about whether I can stay there for another 2 hours before Huppy comes home.  The answer is no because I realize I have got to pee like it's my job.
18.  I decide to just pull as hard as I can until my arm pops out.
19.  Success, finally!
20.  I spend the rest of the day whimpering about how bruised my arm feels from its ordeal.

Before you think I'm a total moron (I will admit to being a partial one), I would like to point out that the arm in question had NO trouble going down behind the couch.  I swear there was plenty of room.  I;m tempted to try again as an experiment but I'm home alone and I kind of have to pee.

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  1. It makes me happy to know that these things happen to other people -- other *smart* people.