Thursday, October 29, 2009

Check Baby Check Baby 1 2 3...

I'm starting this blog because I would rather create a blog that only ever had one entry, thus clogging up the internets with more useless crap, then get off the couch and grade papers. I've always said I'd do anything (once) for a t-shirt and I guess I'll also do anything to avoid grading Applied Math projects. They have to write things. I don't mind grading math. It hurts me deep inside to have to grade something written. I don't know if they phone in their writing skills because the project is for a math class or if they really do have that much trouble stringing a few paragraphs together. Either way, I do not look forward to grading these projects.

Also, the name of the blog comes from a session of brainstorming cool band names. I think it came from a real life experience from when I lived in SC or VA.

So, how do people get rid of their old porn? Like the internet, are our landfills 95% porn? There are only so many younger brothers around to inherit so it has to go somewhere. This is going to bother me now.


  1. HA! Maia, now you know what grading college papers with PARAGRAPHS is like! Welcome to my world!
    I confess that I too have a thing for coming up with band names (usually punk). Great, and/or disturbed, minds must think alike. Regrettably, I usually can't remember the names I think up even two days later. But, my first two came from a grad school friend, phrases he knew that would complete the sentence "S/he is uglier than a/an..."
    "Bouquet of Elbows"
    "Smashed Asshole"
    Two decent band names...

  2. Those are great band names, Kevin. I am going to try to figure out how to insert "bouquet of elbows" into at least one lecture today.

    As for the writing, I lucked out in that the math was so wrong on some of them that I didn't need to read the actual report portion as closely. I really could not handle reading papers regulary.