Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's Been a Pleasure Working Here

Long time no blog!  It's been an eventful few months here in Maialand.  I'll be sure to blog about how I turned 40 and immediately broke my hip but the time for that is not right now.  Instead I'd like to tell you about how I embarrassed myself not once but twice on this, our very last day of classes.

All day.

I had a class that was presenting projects.  This is a computer programming class so many of them had created little games to be demonstrated.  One student had created a game similar to the Family Feud Facebook app and she had chosen another student to be the player.  One of the questions was to name musical instruments that are played at a wedding.  The student playing guessed "harp" and "piano" and "guitar" with varying degrees of success. She then guessed "organs" .  Not "organ" but "organs".  I know it's a subtle different but my immediate thought was "No, that's what gets played _after_ the wedding."  I started giggling and couldn't stop before I had devolved into a teary red faced mess.  So very professional, I am.

Next, I was safely ensconced in my office.  Since the only thing I have left to do is give and grade finals, I was pretty much just following links posted on Facebook.  A colleague had posted a link from a site called http://shitmystudentswrite.tumblr.com which, you can imagine, has a whole bunch of terrible/hilarious gems.  I was clicking through them when I heard a knock on my door.  It was an alum visiting campus saying hello and sharing what's new in his life since graduation.  After a nice little chat he wandered off to see if he could find other familiar faces.  Pleased with our conversation, I turned around to resume my surfing and found that this had been on the screen behind me the whole time.

Normally, on days like this I would head home now and try to minimize the damage I could cause by continuing to be in public.  Today, however, I am going out to dinner with colleagues past and present to celebrate the retirement of one of our number.  Opportunities to continue making the wrong impression abound!

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  1. Thanks for the link to Shit My Students Write. I had seen it mentioned several times back in my teaching days, but I don't think I had ever actually visited it. This one left me crying. I hope the student didn't elaborate -- it's TMI already.
    As for playing-with-organs (more dangerous than running-with-scissors?), maybe you could think of it once again when you're sitting there proctoring a final exam. Just so no opportunity to laugh uncontrollably at inappropriate times is missed. :)