Thursday, September 16, 2010

I've Got The Moves, Baby

For the past few months Huppy and I have been working out once a week with a personal trainer.  Often when we meet in the basement of the Y, Shane (the trainer) has us do some ladder drills.  This week the Y was pretty crowded due to some renovations at the downtown Y so we went outside to play.  Shane put two ladders down side by side in the grass and we got started.  We soon learned that the ladder on grass is slightly elevated and it's very easy to catch it on your feet and yank it out of place.  This doesn't really happen inside on the floor so this new wrinkle took some adjustment.  In between ladder drills we would do some kettle bell activities and planks.  Somehow on one of my ladder drill segments I managed to get my foot caught in the ladder, spin around a few times hog-tying myself with the ladder, whirl even further out of orbit, then crash down to the gorund, roll over, and hit my head on a kettle bell that I swear had been 15 feet away from where all this started. 

After asking me if I was OK (which was nice of him considering how hard it must have been to actually talk with all the laughing he was doing), Shane said he really wished he had a camera.  I'm glad he enjoys our sessions as much as I do.

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